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More, please

8th September, 2011 by Katie

Far be it for us to go all gushy about a celebrity–but this ain’t just any famous lady, it’s actress/producer/director Drew Barrymore. Normally we couldn’t give two hoots about wanky-sounding collaborations between celebs and designers (Barrymore is fronting swanky US retailer Neiman Marcus’ The Art of Fashion campaign), but let’s face it, the pictures are [...]

The ugly truth

5th January, 2011 by Lija Kresowaty

Lija talks to an aspiring feminist screenwriter for a look inside what she calls the “fluffy pink ghetto” of movies for women.

Girls on film

8th September, 2010 by Miss Scarlet

Gabriella Apicella and Gemma Mitchell are looking for raw female talent. Well aren’t we all. G&G are, less smuttily, actually looking for film-making talent: lady producers, writers, cinematographers, editors and directors- to take part in their short film competition and festival, the rather brilliantly titled UnderWire. “We accept the bra reference,” Gemma says. “But it [...]

Slash fiction

27th August, 2010 by Tom

Has there ever been a character in the history of crime film and literature quite like Lisbeth Salander? A computer hacker and genius with a photographic memory. Bisexual, tattooed, pierced. An Asperger’s sufferer. Five foot nothing and about seven stone, yet she shoots, tasers, kicks and punches the crap out of anybody in her way. [...]

Killing joke

18th May, 2010 by Chris Boyd

Part way through Michael Winterbottom’s new film “The Killer Inside Me”, several female journalists behind me promptly gathered their coats and left. Chris reviews Michael Winterbottom’s latest.


29th March, 2010 by Katie

Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut is as shiny as a brand new rollerskate.