‘sex’ Posts

Telling tales

31st December, 2010 by Hannah B

There aren’t many books which mention masturbation in the first paragraph. But the brave opening of I Killed Scheherezade: Confessions of an Angry Arab Woman (Saqi Books) sets the scene for the whole book: Joumana Haddad writes about who she is, and what she is, in a compelling and bold manner. Haddad lived through the [...]

League of gentlemen

23rd November, 2010 by Tom

“We’re anti-porn because we are pro-sex.” FQ talks to the Anti-Porn Project.

The science bit

16th November, 2010 by Hannah Eiseman-Renyard

I’d only read the introduction to Dr Cordelia Fine’s book Delusions of Gender when I found myself listing people I wanted to make read it at gunpoint.

Guilty pleasures

21st October, 2010 by Sarah Wendell

Sarah Weldon of US books site Smart Bitches Trashy Books on why we should all try Mills & Boon.

Straight & narrow

13th April, 2010 by Ray

Straight women’s magazines should try to cater more for gay women.

Frocks away!

4th January, 2010 by Serena

DJ Lonesome M has started up a new girl-friendly, gay-friendly rockabilly night in Brighton. Here’s how she did it